Liv Lyszyk Prints

Liv Lyszyk (they/she) is a queer artist living in Grand Rapids, Michigan with their partner and many pets. When not designing and creating Liv can often be found watching TikToks and sipping cold brew at all times of the year. What started as a quarantine hobby has blossomed into a full blown business. Liv Lyszyk Prints has partnered with many small businesses and other makers and is always looking to help support the artist community.  Liv is inspired by animals, gender and sexuality, body positivity, Michigan, and cannabis culture. Many of their designs reflect these interests. While having a distinct style, Liv also creates custom designs and projects for clients. If you're interested in learning more about collaboration, wholesale, or custom work please fill out the contact form.

Naughty Bettie, Grand Rapids, MI
Nice and Naughty, Wyoming, MI
Half Mile Handmade, Bay City, MI
Oh Hello Co. Paper and Gifts, Grand Rapids, MI
Bettie's Pages Bookstore, Lowell, MI
Restrained Grace, San Diego, CA
Kindred, Middleville, MI
Third Planet, Bellingham, WA
Naked Rebellion, Phoenix, AZ
The WellFlower, Big Rapids, MI
Sew U.P. Style Co, Mackinac Island, MI

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